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Dazed Flowers

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This was a fun photograph to take. I was experimenting with longer exposure and camera shake with a bouquet of flowers and this is what came out of it:



Written by Megan

December 7, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Striving for photographic perfection

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I have a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS.

Lately, I’ve been obsessing about macro and close-up photography.  Although my camera is classified as a ‘point and shoot’ camera, its capabilities are fairly similar to what a DSLR can do. It’s just that little bit of detail that would make all the difference though. I gape and stare open-mouthed at macro shots in which a water droplet reflects a flower, or photos that zoom right into the picture for the tiniest detail like a fly’s wing structure, perfectly in focus. Look, my camera is pretty brilliant for detail,  considering it has one lens which does practically everything (it’s not detachable), but all it lacks is… perfection.

Hmmm, okay. What did I just say there? Are photographers striving for perfection? Is this right? I don’t know, but when you see the detail and amazing photography from professionals, it does make one lust after that perfect image.

This is an example of an extreme close-up picture I took recently of a leaf. Although there is enough detail to draw the viewer in, there is some definition that is lacking.

Green Leaf Spiral

Although maybe the softened effect works here. What do you think?

Do you think photography often strives for perfection?

Should it?


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Written by Megan

December 5, 2011 at 6:13 pm


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Hello all!

It’s official: Flame.Photo.Lens has been born and I hope to learn terabytes of information from other online photographers and people who are interested in the creative world of image-making.

We are all students in this world and no day passes by without opportunities to learn and enrich our lives. The world of the internet is the ideal platform to share ideas and opinions and, above all, learn. The aim of this blog is therefore to learn from others and to teach others what I have learnt, in terms of photography. Various topics surrounding photography will be discussed and I will even share some Adobe Photoshop tutorials, get onto some tricky questions, and endeavor to answer them.

The first Photograph:

It was my birthday, and I had just received my first digital camera from my parents and we had breakfast outside; just the three of us. The flowers were also for my birthday and who could ask for a more beautiful subject to photograph? This was taken in my extremely amateur days (I still consider myself amateur but am learning more and more each day) but I was happy with the result. It captured a beautiful memory and the joy that I felt, receiving my first camera.

Now, years later, I have a more advanced camera, more knowledge, and more memories, but the first camera will not be forgotten. It was an integral part of the journey.

It is only appropriate that this should be the first blog post.