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Glorified Blur

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Another blur of nature. Doesn’t necessarily have the *pow* effect of the previous photo, but it still creates an interesting effect.



Life’s a Blur, Live it!

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The typical phrase, that gets me going is “get on with it!” which is exactly what I’m going to do from now on. Really, what I’ve been doing is looking at photo’s, thinking should I or shouldn’t I post them; should I or shouldn’t I put them on Flickr, but caution is officially being left in the cold puddle outside, and there it should stand.

If we don’t grab life with both hands, nobody is going to do it for us. Here’s to sharing the good stuff!


A picture I took using a very cool effect where long exposure is used and the camera is rotated while the picture is being taken.

That being said, did I mention that I’m in final year Fine Arts this year? That means I probably won’t be the most reliable blogger and am likely to increase stress-mode and decrease blog-at-leisure mode. Just can’t do it all at once.

But I will try. See the sidebar? that doodle challenge is something that will be carrying on for much of this year, so if you get bored looking at stagnant photo’s, try the doodles. Doodling is like my best friend and something I can do at leisure and in stress mode. It’s my happy place this year:)

It was…

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The previous post asked readers what the abstraction looked like… The closest guess was a candle, but it was really… an electric lamp 🙂

I was fascinated by the abstract effects I could get out of light so here are some abstract and some non-abstract photos of the light in question.

Really Blurry (same pic as previous post)


Ooh, something is starting to take shape…


It’s a… lamp!


Hope you enjoyed seeing a lamp through different eyes 🙂

Written by Megan

December 14, 2011 at 5:30 pm