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The blog author (Flameheart) reserves the right to make changes to this disclaimer, as well as the blog’s privacy policy, at any time, so check back every once in a while if you’re concerned. 🙂

Please e-mail me any criticism, queries or comments to: megz.inspire@gmail.com. I look forward to your feedback and would like to create a well-rounded blog for readers to enjoy.

Firstly, please not that any information provided is taken at your own risk. Although every effort will be taken to protect the rights and feelings of the reader, you are reading this content at your own free will. I will not be held responsible for any misguided translation or interpretation of the blog’s content that goes against what my intention was in writing the content. My intention is not to harm, malign or offend any country, region, religion, cultural group, company or any individual.

The blog author reserves the right to use creative license in the layout, content, articles or any aspect of this blog. I reserve the right to delete, sell or change this blog in any way at my discretion. I also reserve the right to put advertising on this blog, and monetise the blog. Since creativity is at the core of most of this content, this blog should not be taken as a professional website of any kind, but rather as the ramblings of an art student and personal opinion. Although I want to share what I’ve learned about photography, any information posted or displayed by me on this blog should not be taken as expert advice or content. I am not offering any professional advice and do not claim to be an expert in any field. Any advice given is opinion. It is for entertainment purposes only.

Although the content, information and links that I provide within this blog may be valid at the time of publishing, it might not be in the future. Please be prepared for this. As time goes on, things change.

This blog’s content and my views do not necessarily represent the views of my associates, employer/s, affiliates, or any company, person or advertiser associated with me or this blog. I am also not responsible for any actions, thoughts, products, privacy policies or services rendered from any third party such as advertisers, sponsors, companies, followers or people who comment on this blog. The views, opinions and comments expressed by readers or guests of this blog do not reflect my views.

This blog is copyright protected, under the alias name, Flameheart:

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Unless I’ve stated otherwise, or have given credit to someone else, all content, including photo’s, pictures, written posts and artwork, is my own. Content on this blog may not be used, published, reprinted or taken without my written consent.

If you would like to use something, please e-mail me at megz.inspire@gmail.com to ask and I will let you know whether you may use it or not.


Written by Megan

October 16, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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