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This site was created to share a passion for photography and document my learning process as an aspiring photographer. Flame Photo Lens aims to teach, to learn and to share knowledge and tips learnt along the way.

Where did you get that cheesy pseudonym?

Oh, you mean Flameheart? Well… It’s not that cheesy, is it? Haha. Okay, I guess it is a bit cheesy, but it makes sense. I strive to live life with passion and heart and there’s nothing that depicts heart more than fire. That is why my personal blog is called The Fire in my Eyes. It also happens to be the reason this blog is called Flame.Photo.Lens. Fire represents warmth, passion and a primitive beauty.

The Flame:

I read a great thing about fire once. If a flame is put in a steel box, without any oxygen, it will die. If a flame is nurtured, it can be used to ignite other flames and the flame is shared. It spreads. It’s like that metaphor of a candle lighting 100 candles, and each of those candles does the same. Fire spreads, and passion does too.

I don’t want to be a flame in a box, without oxygen. Do you?


Written by Megan

August 4, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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